Worth the writing

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing. Benjamin Franklin

Lately I have been taking out piles of DVDs to catch up on movies I have not managed to see. T. is away a lot this summer. A world traveler and important person doing research and conferencing in Germany, Australia and Egypt. I have been trying to write but life keeps getting in my way: My health, jury duty, broken legged cat, out of confidence, and way too much alone time. And so I decided to watch a whole bunch of movies to keep my mind and heart off things. And me oh my, some films have been superb, interesting, entertaining, thought provoking, beautiful, and some … well … just so-so. Yesterday, after having exhausted all the new releases I could find, and after reading Kalilily Time, I raced off to find Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School. What a jewel of a movie that was! A tale of sorrow and joy. An artistic, poetic experience with beautiful acting and, even, dancing to exorcise ones demons. Ooh, I think I will watch it again today.

Speaking of trying to write, come to think of it, I have been wondering about my blog lately and what it is all about. At one point in time I was sure it was about self-reflection, self-alteration, self-understanding, especially with regards to how early childhood experiences affected attitudes, behavior, life survival skills, defense mechanisms, loving, problem solving, bias, fears, confidence, and so much more. As some of you might remember that all became complicated by misinterpretations and stuff, which I do not want to go into here. Well, actually I would love to go into it here … but … er … um … I just won’t.

And so, now I don’t know what my blog is about. It seems that the only safe topic for me is about my cat. And there is only so much I want to talk about that. I think I might want to join Frank Paynter and just allow my blog to become a "muddy greenish brown swamp bottom color you get by mixing all the crayons in the box together."

But, I wonder, how do I do that?