Delurk and say you did!

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

When I was twenty-seven, I felt like a pebble on the beach. Now I feel like the whole beach. Shirley MacLaine (at Ronni Bennett)

Delurk2 Liz, at I Speak of Dreams, reminds us about National Delurking Week. So come out, come out, whoever you are and share the joy!

I had been thinking about delurking actually. I know I read other blogs and more often than not do not comment. And yet I also know how good it feels when I receive a comment.

For me, I think it has to do with preferring silence more since I am older. I always did like to observe and listen. Not only did I learn more that way but it kept me safe because I always (thought) I knew what was going on. Now that I’m older I just prefer it. So much of what people say, I fear, is empty noise just to say: "I am here," or, "Look how much I know!"

Not that it is a bad thing.

As competitive as I am, I still prefer to bow out and let all those craving to be the biggest, strongest, right-est think they won. It is all illusion anyway.

Shaking my head, wondering what all that’s about so early in the day: Hey! Tamarika, too deep, too deep. It is really quite simple:

Happy National Delurking Week

That’s all.