Thanksgiving countdown continues …

by tamarjacobson

Recently, I received a card from my mother-in-law. She wrote, among other things, that the important work I do "will have a lasting impact on children, teachers and parents in our schools and families." Her words arrived at exactly the right moment, and brought tears of gratitude to my eyes.

Today I am thankful for being who I am right here, right now. So often I find myself yearning for the Tamarika of yesteryear, ages 32, 45, or 52 perhaps. I discover nostalgia and regret when I look in the mirror, peruse old photographs, or when exhausted at the end of the day, I slowly, and sometimes painfully, climb the three flights of stairs up to my office. I long for some forgotten mythological character of Tamarika from way back when, as if by being youthful or spry I was somehow happier, more confident, or felt more belonging.

Indeed, right here and now is where I want to be. For, as young as I once was, I was not half as content or confident as I am now. Nor did I experience joy in the profound way that I do, receiving untold pleasure as I discover the bloom of a new cactus flower, or gaze for long minutes at the cats curled up, locked in a warm embrace as they sleep, cuddled and huddled together on the couch next to me while I read or grade papers. 

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