Looking back and thinking forward

Month: February, 2009

Finding peace

Thanks to an old friend from way back when … first I found him on Facebook, and then I found this link from him … finding peace … thanks, Rob!

Early morning

Quote of the day

and there was a new voice,
which you slowly 
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do - 
determined to save
the only life you could save.

From, The Journey, Mary Oliver in Dream Work (1986) pages 38 & 39.

Treadmill reflections

Quote of the day

Interestingly, those who played alone calmed down more than the ones who played with peers. The researchers speculate that through imaginative play, which is most easily initiated alone, children build fantasies that help them cope with difficult situationsScientific American, 2009

"… building fantasies to cope with difficult situations," reminded me of me … way back when …

And thankfully, there is always Annie Lennox, accompanying me on the treadmill. Today, with:

Ghosts in My Machine

Oh come and take this pain away
Oh come and take this pain away
Oh come and set my spirit free

I've seen too much
I know too much
I hurt too much
I feel too much
I dread too much
I dream too much
I'm caught up by the ghosts in my machine

I'm bruised and battered by the storm
Can't find a place to keep me warm
My mind is broken and forlorn

I think too much
I do too much
I fall too much
I fail too much
I cry too much
I die too much
I'm haunted by the ghosts in my machine

Give me some of that medicine
To make me forget
(I can't find it)
I need something easier
(can't find it)
'Cuz I ain't found it yet
I ain't found it yet
I ain't found it
No no no no

Oh womankind was born of pain
My soul keeps hurting just the same
Oh come and take this pain away

I give too much
Get used too much
I lose too much
Get bruised too much
I need too much
I bleed too much
I'm sleeping with the ghosts in my machine

I said I love you baby
Guess I always will
I said I love to baby
Guess I always will
I said I love you baby
Guess I always will

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Has anyone seen my blog? So much to do and so little time …

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For Molly …

You are in my thoughts.

Happy Valentine's Day … 

Thanks to Kim-Alla.

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The Peace Train

Just in from my friend, Mira

Quote of the day (Update)


If a man speaks his mind in the forest, 
and no woman hears him, 
is he still wrong? [From a colleague yesterday]



Some comments just in from Facebook friends:

From Saville: I've been studying some Zen too, but am still a bit confused: the other day a tree fell in the forest, and all I heard was the sound of one hand clapping.

From MaryB: Yes. Next question? 🙂

Round and round and round

Quote of the day

I resolve to embrace a new world in the making, planetary peace and inner peace, and I resolve, each day in every way, to vote for love—all kinds of love for all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances and situations. Bill Ayers

[Jack, thanks for this song among the many …]