Looking back and thinking forward

Month: May, 2012

"The first senior moment in history." (Received from a colleague this morning)


The bamboo

Sitting in my sister’s Buddha garden very early this morning, I realized that I was staring at the very same bamboo plant I had seen vividly during a meditation a few months ago.

And then I understood exactly why I had felt the need to come to visit at this time. Indeed, the purpose of my visit for my inner journey became clear … and I wept …

The bamboo

The bamboo

Foreign flower


Evening primrose in the morning … this morning.

This rapidly growing flowering plant came with me in my suitcase all the way from Anacortes last summer. It was a tiny sprig, a simple slip of a thing. In the heat of the Philadelphia summer, I was not sure it would survive, even as I watered it often, whispering gently to encourage its growth. This spring it sprung. The leaves reached up and out as far as they could and it thickened into quite a sizable little bush. As I was dragging out the garbage bins this morning, I turned around suddenly, as if summoned silently through the cool breeze, and there the flower was. Open and bright. Beaming at me! 


I had hoped it would open in time for Friday because its original owners are arriving on Thursday evening to celebrate life partner's sixtieth birthday. They are flying in all the way from Anacortes. And there it was … a little foreign Seattle flower blooming in Philadelphia … to welcome the day.


Excitement is very definitely in the air as I prepare for our visitors, and somehow this delicate flower knew to open up in time for the occasion. Sixty is a formidable birthday! I remember celebrating mine three years ago. Indeed it took me almost all year to digest the fact that I was entering into the senior hood, and culminated in a weekend in Paris that I will never forget. Of course, Life Partner has his own plans for realizing one on his bucket list: a very special fly fishing trip …solo … in Montana in June. But before that, family and friends will help him usher in this momentous occasion. 

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