Writer’s block

Recently I logged into my blog, and read through the past few posts of this year – written sporadically – once a month or so. I noticed a theme through them – one of release, gratitude, and forgiveness. As the semester winds down for the holidays, and I have a few moments to sit quietly with myself, I realize that I have successfully made it through one of those periods in my professional life that tested my confidence and will, and discover that I have arrived at the other end with my integrity intact – true to what I believe to be most important about education of young children. I must admit to feeling fortunate and grateful for a number of dear friends and colleagues, whose support has buoyed me up through these last few months, swaddling me in a community of love, respect, and acknowledgement. 

I also realize that I have not been able to write much of anything substantial – either on this blog, or in other professional or personal spheres. Creativity has eluded me as I went about my practical work of teaching and training. Am not sure why. It is not like it has been at other times in the past – a feeling that I will never write again. It is more like a time-out as I regroup emotionally. There have been a lot of changes for me this past year and a half or so, and I have experienced a genuine shift in how I perceive myself. 

So, probably if you have made it here to read this post, you might want to "watch this space," for I sense an urge, a tickle or a twinge of more writings to come …

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