The Voyage was Bon, Bon, Bon

by tamarjacobson

Tamar_lindos  (click on picture to enlarge)

Well, yes, I’m back. And have so much to write about. Also there is the question of sorting out the photographs. In the end we did not take a computer with us and allowed ourselves only limited usage of hotel Internet facilities. This meant spending a lot of time together: sightseeing, lying on the beach, swimming in both the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, eating enormous amounts of really good Greek food, and, mainly, visiting the Old Town of Rhodos where my fathers of fathers lived way back when. I kept a daily journal of sites and reflections and so I will be posting so much more as the days go by.

The next few days find me visiting Buffalo to receive an award from my old AEYC of WNY, meeting with Bob to process all those intense emotions about discovering the birthplace of my father, and I must drop into Boston to see my son graduate on Friday!

After that, much posting, writing, sharing and maybe even reconfiguring of blog – blogs(?)

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Thanks so much to everyone for your wonderful, warm, heart-felt greetings and wishes. I felt you all with me as I experienced a magical, deeply moving and life changing journey into my father’s Fathers world of yesteryear.