Day-to-day transforming

by tamarjacobson

Wise words from dearest Nelle:

Losing Molly is such a day-to-day transforming experience. More than our spouse, more than our children, more than our friends, it’s those pets that we talk to and watch and cuddle and feed everyday. Molly leaves a very big hole in your life.

Thanks to everyone for your words of kindness and understanding. It meant so much to me, for not only am I missing little Molly Mable, I am surprised at just how sad I am … especially really early in the morning.

Thank you to:

Heidi, Karen, Jean, Mary, Richard, Mark, Brenda, Adriana, Joy, Ainelivia, Mo’a, Clouds

P.S. I passed on all your messages to Ada Mae who seems to be searching for Molly in every corner of the place.