The company of friends (Update)

by tamarjacobson

It has been a tough couple of weeks. Stressful and sad for all kinds of reasons. Some of them I have shared with you recently. Others I am still working on.

0156big But in any case, today I was invited to lunch with new friends. They treated me to a most delicious small ring macaroni tuna salad with the pasta specially brought in all the way from Iowa. And just as I was preparing to leave, their friendly little dog entertained me by dropping a Dubya pet toy at my feet hoping for a tug o’ war game or two.

Ah, it was good to laugh, talk, eat good food, share my troubles and blow my blues away for awhile!


And later in the day … towards evening even, I was given a delicate bracelet of colored crystal stones … hand made, full of healing energy … to get me through the rest.