Alone and strong

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

Beware the friend who misses your big event – book party, baby shower or engagement party. People who care for you will revel in your triumphs, not avoid themO, the Oprah Magazine

Recent events in my life reinforced the realization that I am truly alone. Even if surrounded by kind words and supportive gestures of friends or family, I understand that some things I can only do alone. Face down my fears, hold still with discomfort, or get in touch with inner feelings. I do best alone, unclouded with rumblings of kindly advice or people who are too uncomfortable to listen to me tell my truth. With that comes a second realization: the discovery that I am strong. I can be like the huge, sturdy oak outside my window. Standing firm as stormy waters swirl around me, even if I might feel dizzy with the confusion, chaos, unknown sensations of it all. I am awed by the power of the brain. Indeed, my mind is my strength, for it creates attitude, develops understanding, shows me reality, and brings me peace as a healing balm to all kinds of pain and discomfort.

Strength comes in knowing that I have a choice about how to feel, what to believe, how to think and, even, how to react. Therein lies my responsibility, commitment to my self, integrity, ability to give and receive love, and personal growth.

Alone and strong.

Therein lies my freedom.