Person(ality) of politics

by tamarjacobson

What can I say?

My mind and heart is in a turmoil with the complexity of the global situation. After all, close family members have just been sent into Lebanon, or are helping out children in bomb shelters in Kiryat Shmona where katyushas fall overhead. My adolescence was affected by affiliation with Habonim, and for most of my life, all my political views were heavily influenced by a former long-time editor of the New Left Review.

It is perhaps only the last 10 years or so, that I started to grasp I have a mind of my own. I even remember the moment. I was traveling on a train bound for Albany from Buffalo on some early childhood professional business. I gazed out the window and there it was – the realization: "Hey! I can think for myself!"

Since then I have been developing my own stand.

As I try to write about all of this, I falter, stammer and stutter. I become emotional and confused. Words fail me … and then along comes Neilochka, and writes almost exactly how I am thinking about things …

… I say almost because he is he with all his life experiences, and I am me with all of mine.