by tamarjacobson

23827 Celebration. Festschrift for Steve Brown. And, yes indeed, he was surprised. Stories were shared and there I was surrounded by mathematicians and thinking, "How did I come to be included in such an interesting crowd! Little old me born far away in Bulawayo. And now here I am in Buffalo, well, in fact, Port Colborne, sipping wine in the company of mathematics geniuses."

How did I come to be included?

A few years ago I was invited to contribute a chapter in this fine book celebrating my dissertation advisor’s scholarly life. How honored I was, especially since most of the book is devoted to his teachings about mathematics. And here it was, the finished product. Many of us gathered to surprise Steve in Buffalo. We came from Vermont, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. Old friends joined in the festivities and a splendid time was had by all!

All that wonderful time soaking in old friends, starved for their company, eating good food, walking and talking, exposing my soul and sharing ancient histories … 

Alone again.

Ho hum … and now, back to the grind … syllabus preparation for the new semester, perhaps a root canal treatment, plant watering, laundry … and so it goes.

Ada calls to play with her new mouse … am home again.