Wisdom of all ages

by tamarjacobson

Quotes of the day:

A woman can’t change the world by destroying herself. Bumper sticker (Thanks, Anya)

When people die, our sadness is never for them, but for ourselves; our loss of their love, their companionship and the qualities that made them special to us. Ronni Bennett

“The tahini here is excellent. Have you ever tried the tahini from Trader Joe’s?” Citizen of the Month

"If there is a draft, all those Senators and Congress people, and certainly the Administration folks – well, their children better be drafted first. Let them feel what it’s like!" She says. tamarika, August 15, 2005

The spider and I had our own agendas. Hers was aesthetic in its simplicity; mine, in the chronically complex human way, involved catching a train. Pure Land Mountain