Past and present

by tamarjacobson

One of the things I like at Citizen of the Month is Neil’s link to his post last year at this time: "A Year Ago on Citizen of the Month." As I have been driving back and forth from my new job I was wondering where I was or what I was thinking about last year this time. Plus, last year I was still blogging at my old original site, Tamarika, and I must admit I miss the old cyber home that started me off on my blogging career over a year and a half ago. Time passes quickly (since I turned 50, seven years ago) and this could be a way of looking in on snippets of those former days that have disappeared so fast.

And so, if Neil doesn’t mind, I will borrow his idea for awhile, and from now on link to last year’s post. Now seems like a good time to start: September First. The season has changed even over night with cool breezes, gray clouds and drips of rain drizzling down on me as I run around shopping today. Fall is in the air.

As I was reading my post: A Year Ago on Tamarika: Back in the Saddle, I realized how similar it was in one sense. And yet, in another, it tells of a much more anxious person starting out in the new full-time world of academia. In fact, this past week has been quite relaxing and interesting compared to the me of last year. It certainly helped to be treated with kindness and respect. There were many instances this week where people made me feel not only welcome but as wanted as could be!

Hello hurray, let the show begin, I’m ready