Blog stopping

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the Day:

Without the buzz and energy and cross-talk of the earlier period, it’s hard to get very involved with this medium any more. Tom Shugart

The subject has come up again. The question has re-arisen:

To blog or not to blog

090806_1601_1Yesterday, I thought to write about my trip to New York on Friday when I visited the Dadaists and Bethesda Fountain; and when LeAnn and I stumbled upon E.E. Cummings house in a quaint little side-street/place in the Village. Hmm … what a day! Full of sunshine and New Yorkers.

As my good friend, Uncle M., back in Buffalo would say: "Memories are moments that refuse to be ordinary."

But then, I said to myself, "Well, honestly. Who would care? Who pays attention?"

Ah, those synchronicity-type moments! For just as I thought that, I happened upon Tom Shugart, thinking and asking a similar question

Yes, Tom, I think attention does matter. And while I get so much out of and enjoy writing for myself, I could do that without the feeling of responsibility and commitment that I have developed for my blog. Plus, I always remember Ronni saying that the really good bloggers are the ones who receive the attention – because they are good. So, perhaps my blog just is not good enough for attention any longer. I had an edge there for awhile and the flame has gone out. Just not passionate, humorous, or intelligent enough. The honeymoon is over and out …

Now, please let me be clear. This post is not about asking for attention. It is for me to see in black and white the reality of my personal blogging future. I am looking at that eternal/internal blogging question:

Why do I blog? Why do I blog? Why do I blog? Why do I blog?