Odds and ends

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

Maybe the purpose of being here, wherever we are, is to increase the durability and the occasions of love among and between peoples. June Jordan

I guess there are always different ways of experiencing things. Lately I noticed two very different ways of experiencing spam:

  • Ronni Bennett describes the frustration and rage many feel about it.
  • Neil Kramer, on the other hand … well, I am still laughing out loud!

Yesterday, driving back to campus after a party with a few colleagues one of them asked me, "So, Tamar, are you really an atheist?" "Yes," I replied. "No, but I mean, really?" She asked again. "Yes, really," I reiterated.

I thought I would dedicate last year’s Tamarika post: May I Borrow a Culture to my colleague. Plus it comes so close to Hanukkah eve.