The festivities begin

by tamarjacobson

Some of you might remember my moaning and complaining about being an ethnic minority during Rosh Hashanah this past September.

Well, yesterday early evening as the sun was just starting to set, and I was just about to light the first night Hanukkah candles, all of a sudden, out of the blue in walked Tom. Surprise! He hardly ever is able to get off work early and yet there he was. In one hand he had a freshly baked cake from Bredenbecks, chocolate chip and one they were making specially for Hanukkah. In the other a gift. A DVD! OOh, one of my favorite movies that I yearn to see again and again: Pride and Prejudice. Quelle surprise! In my excitement and enthusiasm at having been remembered so kindly and fondly I ran to the CD player and put on Emmy Lou loudly, singing, "Christmas Time’s a-Coming," and lit all the candles in the room, including the Hanukkah ones.

In my joy and excitement, I even lit some nag champa, and with tea and cake in hand settled in to watch my new movie.

Well done, Tom! You made my day!