Almost time to fly …

by tamarjacobson

  • Ho, ho, ho
  • Well, what do you know?
  • Blogging is such sweet sorrow.
  • Here today and gone tomorrow.
  • Gifts are boxed and wrapped.
  • Bags are almost packed.
  • Almost time to fly …
  • … to say goodbye …

We are off to see Flat Stanley’s friend, Jared, and his father. Yes indeed, Randy has just turned the great and wondrous five-OH! It is time to celebrate. Milya wrote us all the plans:

I can’t believe it’s only a week away! Here’s a loose outline of what I was thinking we’d do for those few days you’re all here. On Saturday eve. I thought we’d celebrate Randy’s birthday. I don’t have everyone’s arrival time, but I thought there’d be some time in the evening for that. If we’re too tired to go out to eat we can just have a little celebration at home with cake and stuff. On Sunday there’s a UU service both at 11 a.m. and at 4 pm, and I think we’re thinking of the 4 p.m. So in the first part of the day we’ll have time for last minute things, maybe pick up some egg nog lattes or run to Whole Foods for some last minute groceries. Speaking of which… does anyone have any great ideas for Xmas dinner? I’m personally not too crazy about ham, and turkey seems kind of boring, but I haven’t thought of an alternative, so any input here is welcome. On Xmas day, well, we’ll just let the day take its course. We may want to go out for a walk or drive in the afternoon. On the 26th I thought we’d go and do some sightseeing, maybe hug a few redwoods, or dip our toes in the surf (weather allowing).

And JJ [Tom and Randy’s Mom] will be there too. She had great ideas for the plans. Yum!

Hooray, let’s Party! If the flight goddess is with us, and I don’t get bumped, I’ll be taking the same bus to San Rafael as Tom and Tamar. We could either take Randy out for a birthday dinner or have something simple at home. One idea is to pick up Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake pizzas–they’re very good and there is a store about 3 miles away…salad, a little wine…cake & candles…yum. Lasagna (frozen) would be good too, or broiled salmon. Let Randy decide. Sunday afternoon at church is perfect for me. I’ve had several gifts shipped down from Amazon and will have time to wrap them in the morning. As for Christmas dinner, we could splurge and get a prime rib, or Don has taught me a great way to bake a turkey: You cut it up like you would a chicken and bake it on a bed of miripoix (onions, celery and carrots). Pan drippings, neck, back & wing meat makes wonderful stock for gravy. Slice the meat off the bone to serve and no clunky carcass to deal with. Don helped me bake two of them for a church dinner and they were a hit. I’ll be happy to take this on if you like (leftovers for sandwiches too). As to the rest of the time, I just want to be with you all, get a whole bunch of hugs, take a walk, play games, oh yes…open a few presents…I know the time will pass too quickly. I can’t wait! JJ

We can’t wait to see Makaila and Madeleine, too. I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be thinking and, oh dear, saying, things like: "Oh my! How you’ve grown!" [Groan! Do all old aunties say that?] I wonder if I will pinch any cheeks … hug and squeeze people … laugh and exclaim out loud and clap my hands in delight at all the wonderful food, presents, the big green decorated tree!

Will I wear flowers in my hair? Because I will surely meet some gentle people there. Some of the gentlest, sweetest ones I know.

Hold on. We’re on our way!