So long, farewell

by tamarjacobson


Time to say goodbye. To bid 2006 cheerio. It has been busy, no doubt about that. Not only physically and professionally, but emotionally. In a way it has seemed like I have been living through the conclusion chapter to my therapy experience with Bob all those years ago together. As I look back over this passing year, it feels as if the dust settled, storm subsided, and out of the mist, images of my self, feelings, understanding took form, gained shape, and became clear. I have found myself quite often just sitting, staring, feeling, grasping, realizing, and, even, silently gasping: "Aha!"

Honestly though, I think this has been only part of the conclusion chapter. The revelation section.

Images_35 Two thousand and seven has a really good sound to it. I have always loved number seven. It bodes well. Perhaps this section of the therapy conclusion chapter will include practical application to the revelations I have allowed myself to uncover from within the emotional memory of my brain. For example, what will I choose to do about taking back my birthright? How will I regain what is rightfully mine? Confidence, feeling beloved, wanted, and worthy of respect. What actions will I take to realize these understandings? How will they affect work, my marriage, relationships with family members, friends, my sexuality, growing older? What kinds of things will I do to nurture, cherish and love my ever lonely, aching, deprived inner child?

It is quite exciting really, if not a little daunting. But it took 57 years to arrive at this place, so patience might have to be foremost in these deliberations and applications.

Wintersolstice52003l_1 Ah, but I have noticed that the days are already becoming longer.

Happy New Year one and all.