For the world and for me (update)

by tamarjacobson

  • Blogging is writing for the world to see
  • Blogging is writing just for me
  • And today is my blogging anni-ver-sary
  • Anni-ver-sary, anni-ver-sary
  • Today is my blogging anni-ver-sary

Two years to the day you’ve been here with me

Mentors and friends and passers-by

Politicos, media junkies and fella psycho-travelers

Gardeners, cooks, photographers, artists

Writers, therapists, poets, musicians,

Teachers, philosophers

The elder and the young

London to India, France and New York

Those from the West and some from the East

North and South and Israel too

Cyber waves carry us through time and space

Sharing holidays and sad times

We’ve seen it all through

Movies, books and news events

Trials and tribulations

Tales of pets, tales of woe

And all kinds of celebrations

  • A-blogging we will go, we will go
  • A-blogging we all go

Thanks: to all who comment and those who don’t

Those who have blogs and those who haven’t

Readers/old friends from days gone by in Israel or Buffalo

Readers/new friends from the here and now

To so many new blogger friends, and old, constant companions: Danny, Frank, Jean, ainelivia, Joy, Ronni, Richard, Amba, True Ancestor, Pedestrian, MaryB, Winston, Always Question, Rubies in Crystal, Blaugustine

[And thanks to all those blog-lurkers, who I don’t know are there, for stopping by to check me out]

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Many thanks to Frank who generously links to me!