What now?

by tamarjacobson

McqamrobinThe sniffles have gone. Head is clear. Spring-like weather to arouse restless passions. Flocks of Robins feasting in my yard. Time to get busy and set the work schedule. Courses to prepare and chapter to write before returning to work place. New friends to dine with. Old friends might pass through on their way home. So many conference presentations to plan for. Work-out to keep up with in training for my June hike.

Will there be time for blogging and twittering? Gee I hope so. And yes, I know so. Because in order to fulfill all the rest, I need all my support systems to buffer and hold, cradle and encourage, cheer on and acknowledge, value and validate.

Plus, I just want to have fun! Frank calls it fun online.

Images_34I have set myself a few goals and am certain there will be some emotional challenges ahead.

But, I have to say, fellow and sister bloggers, I feel charged and ready.

New days a-dawning. What do you say? Let’s just have a blast!