Back to work

by tamarjacobson

Yes indeed, it is back to work time. I have had so much fun this week. Winning Neil while contributing to a good cause. Wow! I just could not lose out on that one. I laughed long and hard most of the time and it was amazing to see how my stats soared for a few days after his generous post. What a popular guy! I realize that my introspective way of writing is so much more depressing [for one thing, I do not have a talking penis, for goodness sake], that I will never have the number of readers he has. But it is so much more than that. Neil gives me the gift of intelligent, warm, wonderful humor as he explores "personal relationships and pop culture." He deserves the popularity, believe me. I am not complaining one iota. Nor am I envious. I am just so grateful that he is out there for my personal pleasure! Am only curious if he will live up to his end of the bargain and take on my challenge of a Scrabble game some time soon.

Well, anyway, it has all been swell. But now it is time to re-harness this old mare and send her back to work where she belongs. Teaching, writing, researching, presenting, reflecting … blah, blah, blah … starting with a staff development visit at a large Preschool in Trenton today. Oh no, I guess I already started back on Tuesday. Have I forgotten?

Ho hum. I guess my stats will really be dropping now because who knows when I will have time to write here. Sigh. I shall miss you all.

A bientot, my dear readers. A bientot …