Slip, sliding … (Update II)

by tamarjacobson

I was checking out my stats counter this morning and realize that my Tamarika blog received a lot more page hits per year than Mining Nuggets. After pondering this for a few moments I decided not to analyze the situation too intensely. After all, am I in this for the money or fame? I think not.

And yet … one does love to be read I suppose.

Otherwise, why am I not just writing a personal journal for no one to see?

I wonder, am I slip-sliding into that old mind-set of why-blog again?


If I have used this quote before I need to repeat it here, for myself, for you, if you want, because it is one of the best explanations for me about why I blog. Indeed, if only I had the courage to find the right publisher, I would write a whole book, a memoir for this very reason:

I am surprised that more memoirists don’t become serial memoirists, because it is a precious thing to be allowed to talk about yourself in public, not for reasons of simple exhibitionism but because the attempt to describe your experience to an audience pushes you forward into an understanding of it.

Nuala O’Faolain

Update II:

Richard Cohen is back! Not only is it great to have him back in the blogosphere with us again writing his way through it all, but he talks about not using a site-meter. So, joared – this has me thinking about the slippery slope of which you write in my comments and who knows – perhaps I’ll just get rid of mine too! AlwaysQuestion says (in my comments section) that we do not need that extra worry, and I could seriously do without it. So, he has me thinking too.

EVERYONE has me thinking!