Twilight time

by tamarjacobson

Cornish hens in the oven, broccoli steaming on the stove, glass of Gerolsteiner to sip on, and Ada out on the sun porch waiting for the neighbor’s cat. He always comes out early evening to sit under the bird feeder. He looks like a leaner, meaner version of our old Molly Mable and has sharp, suspicious eyes glinting as the sun sets. Ada sits out on the blanket covered table and watches and waits. Now and then she comes into my study purring and clicking to greet me, checking to see if I am still here, before she goes out again.

Twilight. My second favorite time of the day after dawn. It settles the day that has passed, summarizing all the challenges and delights. It has been a good day. Great work-out, day starting with strength and momentum, a delicious fruit shake blended in my new machine, an easy commute accompanied by Eric Clapton back and forth from work, lunch with colleagues filled with laughter and sharing of tales – personal and professional, meeting with students, chatting on the phone to an old friend from Buffalo as I drove back, arriving home feeling full and happy with humanity. There is something solid, constant and present about today.

Marion, from Buffalo, said on the phone this afternoon, "Tam, you sound happier and stronger than I think I have ever heard you."