Daffodil days

by tamarjacobson

For a few dollars we bought bunches of glorious budding daffodils when we got married in Anacortes eight years ago. Skagit valley was full of them. Nelle put them into vases and before long they blossomed out into a huge brilliant yellow. Imagine our surprise when we went to pick up our cake, on the morning of the wedding, only to find that they had decorated it with real live yellow daffodils. How did they guess? And so, every year since, one week before our anniversary I search for daffodils. It isn’t easy up in the North East of America at this time of the year.

Yesterday was a glorious day for a walk up through Chestnut Hill. After shopping at the Farmer’s Market for fruits, vegetables, fresh poultry, and dates and hummus from the Iranian vendor, I walked up to Caruso’s. For the last couple of years they have the first potted daffodils of the season. Granted, they are tiny – miniatures of what we found in Skagit Valley eight years ago. But they serve as a reminder of one of the most enjoyable days of my life. Our wedding. There were just eight of us there. We were surrounded by love and goodness from people who truly wished us well. What a day. And the morning after, we rose at the crack of dawn, and watched bald eagles fly across the sky. Dick and Nelle had given us their magnificent bedroom with a glorious view of Puget Sound.

This March, My History Month, I think we deserve daffodils in abundance for our anniversary. I only wish those six who attended our wedding back then, could be with us next week when we celebrate by buying new bed-sheets and towels (they say linens are the new tradition for 8th anniversary gifts), and a dinner down by Valley Green. But they will be in our hearts and minds for sure.

Happy days ahead.

I can’t wait.

Can you tell?