Coming and going

by tamarjacobson

The weather is good. Warm and sunny. Birds are everywhere sharing the glee with me, not even waiting for me to complete pouring their food into the feeder, calling to one another all around the tree tops as I walk away with the seed bucket, and swooping down almost, just almost on top of me.

Spring break and lots to do. Coming and going. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and she urged me to play this week. I wonder what I will do? Walk by the Wissahickon perhaps? Read something not related to work? Free, fun time. She said, "You deserve it!" What a friend, eh? I can take extra time with my yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Yum. I love that. Ada can sit for a long while on my lap while I stroke her and stare out at the woods in silence. I love that too. Her little body warming my legs, purring finding its rhythm into my heart, steadying its pace and bringing peace into my chest and lungs.

Beautiful day in every way. I allow it to define my mood, mold my inner turmoils and soothe the stormy thoughts that otherwise take over the brain with tension and anxiety. Blow it all away. Listen to the chaos, fear, violence, garbage out there in the world, close to home and think of the mess, the almighty mess, greedy dominant men in government have made to feed our minds and souls.

Breathe in the beautiful day and blow it all away.