From a short dialogue …

by tamarjacobson

… which started back here:

Descriptions of purely inner musings are self-obsessive and irrelevant to anyone else. Andy at Older, But No Wiser.

… and continued with Andy:

But something I read at your place, Tamarika, made me wonder whether that joining up of worlds always has to be in a single post, or whether the weaving might not take place just as effectively across a spectrum of posts and the conversations which arise out of them?

… and I replied:

Yes, yes, Andy. I think that’s true for me, certainly. The weaving takes place across and through all of my posts and comments all over my blog all the time. In fact, I think of it as one long tale of my emotional, imaginative, psychical, cyclical, realistic, physical, and spiritual worlds/life – whatever – all the time. So that, indeed, even though it might be considered self-obsessive, navel-gazing, it can be relevant and connected to others too. By knowing me, by identifying with pieces that are themselves or the external world of society really or virtually …

For we are, all, connected.