by tamarjacobson

I have been focusing my mind towards the Origins of the Future. The semester starts to draw to a close and the work intensifies. I try to free and clear my way to large thoughts about the bigger picture, and, instead, am pulled back to piles of grading or last minute obligations. I have been wondering why I am so fascinated with research on brain development, specifically the parts about emotional memory. Perhaps I have always been a curious person. And yet, I have never seen myself that way. I know that I adore discovering things, uncovering, rediscovering. Have always felt therapy is like that, unraveling something deep in my mind. It feels like walking out of a dark cave and into a strong light. It feels like I have always known it somewhere, almost as in a dream. It feels like an awakening into the dawn of a really hopeful new day, a glorious morning.

While I was away, I attended meetings that gave me hope for young children’s futures, mainly because of the many great people who are concerned about, and who are tirelessly working for them. My own work becomes strengthened and confirmed after each gathering like that. After a surprising dinner with a colleague, which was both shocking and sad, I understood what Perry has been saying all along. It is all about relationships.

Indeed, origins for the future lie in our relationships with very young children.

But, for now, I must work on these bigger picture and other seemingly smaller duties of the week. Sporadic blog-posting is what I see ahead of me this week. But who knows? Life is what happens

… ah, but you know the rest?

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