From the depths

by tamarjacobson

As I travel around my old haunts, my lonely soul is being warmed and filled to the brim with friends old and new. The power point went quite well although, at the end, the kind and supportive pod-caster and techie fellow suggested that I might want to "simplify" in the future. I knew what he meant! I had been playing and experimenting as I prepared for the speech and words were flying in and dropping down in myriads of colors. The Idan Raichel Project accompanied me with MiMa’amakim (Out of the Depths), reminding me of my roots from Africa to the Middle East and back West to America, as I told my emotional tale and implored the audience to consider relationships with young children as crucial for their education and development.

Afterwards, we went out for dinner and became quite happy. I wish I could have looked more the part of a "featured speaker" instead of giddy and hysterical. Mira took the pictures.

It was so good to see Jack again, …


… and very, very good to meet Clara and Jen, who seemed to enjoy breaking bread with me even after my comments about literacy and curriculum.


Today will be full again. Yet another talk, and after that Marion will drive me to Buffalo for a committee meeting to decide the recipient of The Charles Haynie Memorial Student Award. Quite a whirlwind schedule including dinner with David, and late in the evening I should arrive at Bob and Cheryl for the rest of the weekend.

And all this I relate to you, friendly bloggers and others who happen by, from my spacious and comfortable room overlooking Main Street in my beloved White Inn.

No wonder I cannot sleep and awake even before the robins call.

My heart is full to bursting with joy.