Responsible citizen

by tamarjacobson


Voter Tam.

Erin from The Chestnut Hill Local snapped this shot yesterday as I arrived to cast my vote. Thank you Erin! Kristin interviewed me. She asked me who and why I was voting thus and such. I laughed and said there was not much to interview me about. I am new to Philadelphia and not so savvy about local politics. I was honestly voting based on recommendations from people whose political opinions I respect, and, which seemed close to my own. Then we chatted a bit about journalists and whether they should be or are biased or not, and, of course, I had to mention my book in connection with all of that. Kristin even wrote the title down, and I chuckled merrily. Erin and Kristin were fine young women and I enjoyed talking with them so much. The day was warm and sunny and it felt good to be a responsible citizen.

Every single time I cast my vote, I think of all the people in the world who were and still are denied this extremely important, basic right of freedom. I never, ever take being able to vote for granted.

And, hurray, in the end, Nutter won!

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