Much ado about nothing

by tamarjacobson

Well, well. The hiatus blog post was an interesting test for me: Giving myself permission not to feel obligated; checking whether I would experience withdrawal or loss; seeing how it would feel, in general, to be distancing myself from blogging; gaging whether it would seriously hinder my professional writing time or abilities; figuring it out by putting it down in black and white.

Although it has only been a couple of days, I have noticed that it was much ado about nothing. Just as I drift in and out of reading other people’s blogs when I have time or inclination, so will others react to mine. And I can blog at different times of the day. What a discovery! If the muse arises, I might blog in the afternoon or evening, once or twice a week, less or more, whenever I choose. I have been able to wake in the morning, reach for coffee and write my chapter before blog surfing or blog-a-doodle-dandy-ing. This is not to say that I am not addicted to it. I most certainly am. Happily so, I might add. Addicted to the community, other bloggers’ lives, and the need to express myself. Not only that, I have noticed that nowadays when I sit down to write professionally, it flows much more easily than in the years before I became a blogger. Yes indeed. That means that writing nearly every day on my blog has loosened up my mind, fingers, brain and writing skills, and strengthened my confidence level. It is true, dear readers. You know all those authors who tell us that a person should write something every day? Well, their advice has proved right for me.

It was so much fun receiving all those supportive, "We’ll be here when you get back," type comments. I felt bathed in a community of understanding and acceptance. For Danny‘s "gulp," pretty much summed up how I was feeling about sporadic blog-posting. Thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart to everyone who commented. I am blowing you cyber kisses and sending out smiles and hugs. Your support strengthens my soon-to-be-58-year-old soul – daily.