Leaving …

by tamarjacobson

On a Jet Plane

Before I leave, I heard fom Joe early this morning. He sent me this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer. He said: "We acted at the right time, because now the word is out about how early you have to get there … A bullet has been dodged, and it is just now sinking in how fortunate we are to have our passports." It says in the article: … it practically requires a miracle

… I guess my trip has turned into a miracle!

I will be back in about ten days. I will surely not have access to Internet during the hike, but who knows what may happen before or after.

With regards to our bloggers’ meeting on Saturday perhaps Jean, Natalie, Andy or Ernesto will write something to keep you posted. Check them out during the week!

If I do find a computer somewhere along the way, I’ll drop a line. Otherwise, I hope you will stop by when I return.

I will miss you.

But rest assured, I take all of you with me, for as adventures rise up to greet me, I will be thinking about how to describe them to you later.

I received this quote in my e-mail today and, after sharing it with you, have decided to take it with me on my trip:

Your life is the one place you have to spend yourself fully – wild, generous, drastic – in an unrationed profligacy of selfRobin Morgan

Bye bye!