Going to the seaside

by tamarjacobson


Slipping the laptop under my arm, beach towel over the other. New Eddie Bauer swim suit neatly folded in the bag and beach chair waiting patiently on the porch. My ride arrives tonight. Mira and Marion driving all the way from Buffalo. They will pick me up and whisk me away to Wendy’s cottage by the New Jersey Shore for a few days of fun in the sun: walks by the water, smelling the salty air, a glass of wine in our beach chairs at sunset. Wendy reports that right now it is fresh corn and tomato season in New Jersey, and that the weather will be hot.

I feel as excited as a young child the night before her birthday. My feet long to soak in the briny waters, body aches for waves to slurp and cuddle every nook and cranny, and my soul craves the comfort and support of old friends.

I’ll be thinking of all of you … from time to time …

The last hurrah before the great work begins!