Me and my drum …

by tamarjacobson

Early in the morning Ada greets me as I sit down by the computer. She rubs her head on my hands over and over again. I reach into the drawer and pull out her treats and she rubs her head on the bag as I open it. I watch her in wonder at her gratitude. "We should all be so thankful for such small mercies," I think to myself. Ada does not ask for much. A warm spot to sleep, food and water and a daily clean litter box. Every now and again some tuna or shrimp and a small ritual of treats out of a bag with me each morning.

I have been thinking about gratitude quite a bit lately. Can’t help it. ‘Tis the season for it. It seems that as the leaves turn and fall, thankfulness rises. I have much to be thankful for this season:

  • Ada Mae
  • After 14 years I have just paid the very last installment of a large and onerous debt from a former, bad marriage, and with that I can finally bid farewell to a really painful, shameful part of my life
  • Feeling included and appreciated in my job
  • Outstanding friends whom I love with all my heart
  • I have forgiven me, my past, let go of bitterness, regret and hurt, and given me back my family
  • I am fortunate to be writing a book whose subject I have been pondering for over twenty years
  • My son coming to us for Thanksgiving this year!
  • Relationships – of all kinds – for they are all that matter to me now
  • And, yes, I am thankful for this blog for it has brought into my life a community of friends – people whom I would otherwise never have had the privilege to know – people the likes of whom I have never known. It has broadened my world view and expanded the world. It has brought, and keeps on bringing, hundreds of my father’s family into my life ever since I shared my story of Rodos.

Oh yes, and I am also thankful for that sweet voice of Josh Groban especially as he sings Little Drummer Boy to me on my commute back and forth from work lately …



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