Don’t rain on my parade (Update)

by tamarjacobson

It has been raining for two days. Excellent weather for writing. And even for putting up those twinkly lights on the tree by the gate and around the top of the awning on the porch. But, I miss the soft, silent, white snow. Gee, I hope it comes back soon.

I have been writing about writing for years it seems and by the end of this week it will be done. Sealed up and handed in. Of course, there are still the editing days to come but those will be the carving and shaping, not the originating, and I will get to meet some interesting people who do that artfully, I hear.

It has been quite a process (still is) because writing about emotions and discipline brings up so many memories and ancient pain. I realized I could not have written this book any sooner than I have. I needed to mature some, overcome my anger and head into forgiveness territory because, oh me oh my, I have faced down one or two emotional demons these past weeks. Yesterday, for example, I wandered through the apartment weeping for hours it seemed.

Anyway, I am nearing the end. The end is near. And I wish it would snow, and snow, and snow …

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Am not sure if I really want you to see and hear me singing my Hanukah song from when I was a preschool teacher way back in Israel. IF you are interested, wander over to Citizen of the Month. Our dear Neilochka has put together one mighty fine holiday concert for all of us.

Oy! What a guy!

Thank you, Neilochka, and a very happy holiday season to you.