Angels in the morning

by tamarjacobson


Rising …


A 2008 angel gift from Blaugustine. Imagine my joy at finding it in my e-mail box from Natalie yesterday just after I had sent off my second book – first draft – completed. How did she know? I guess her angel must have told her.

I once wrote a post about identifying my angels

And here is another one:


… Angel Ada, I mean …

After I mailed off the book I sent Danny an e-mail. I said:

I can’t believe it is finished. I just wished I had sent it to you!
Your support for my writing has been indescribable. As I edited myself through this one I remembered so many of the things you said to me throughout the first book. I gave myself permission to tell my story – write my stuff and not quote everyone else so much. You did that for me.
Well, you are the only person I have told today. I am a wreck. Exhausted, hoarse, stomach churning and eyes burning with tears.
And for ALL of this, I am deeply indebted to you. For you gave me my voice.
In gratitude,

Danny Miller is a writing angel.

Laptopboy_3When we were children, my friend Mimi and I were child bloggers for sure.

Today, I tell this old story over at Ronni Bennett’s: Elder Storytelling Place.

An update to that elder tale is that Mimi and I finally met after not having seen each other for almost 30 years.

I did not know that it would work out so well – telling the story of Mimi and me, right after I sent off my second book. I just love the synchronicity of it – that’s all – as if an angel’s hand was in that too.

Oh, and speaking of angels … LeAnn and I are off to see one of my favorite angels tomorrow …


… come to think of it, and I have a feeling she might not like me saying this … but LeAnn just might be an angel too …


… hm … I might just ponder this awhile …

I don’t really believe in angels, you know.

But they all seem to be fluttering around me this cold, clear morning.