The storm abates

by tamarjacobson


Stroopwafels are back at the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop. The morning ritual changes a little as I add one to my coffee these few weeks before Christmas arrives.

Who would have thought that I would end up with a small grayish black cat as my early morning companion sharing the crumbs of a stroopwafel as the dark sky slowly lightens into day? She purrs softly as I stroke her mane and we are content in each other’s company. Book is done, papers graded, house cleaned, and gifts purchased. The holiday begins. It feels peaceful this year.

It seems that I have been living in an emotional storm all my life. And now the sky has cleared – although not starkly bright and clear – just enough to see the glimmer of light above the dissipating clouds, as it blows over and away.

No wonder I laughed so wildly and excitedly in that raging, thundering rainfall high up in the copse by Hadrian’s Wall this past summer.

Laughed in the face of the storm!

For nothing has ever been as formidable as overcoming my life-time emotional storm.

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