by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

Stop sleeping with the laptop on the other side of the bed – From Jean – from Ernesto

How do I part with this dear computer – PC?

For, it has:

  • accompanied me through the past three years in my new life
  • witnessed the birth of hundreds of blog posts
  • helped write e-mails
  • checked out the Internet
  • introduced me to YouTube
  • got me going with Power Point
  • given birth to my second book

How – oh how?

My dear, sweet little MacBook lies quietly beside us as I put the finishing touches on editorial revisions of the book. It waits patiently for me – for the moment I will finally let go of my trusted PC buddy. There’s even a dashingly new printer to go with it – one that can print out photographs and such – scan, copy – a real techno-whiz! All the software is installed, warranties registered, e-mail account set up, passwords encrypted – webcam all included. The little Mac is ready to go. The soft, little green light of its power cord beckons and glows gently, invitingly. It’s really not pushy – no pressure, Tamarika.

I wonder what will be the defining moment that will nudge me towards this inevitable techno-life change?

I just gotta let go … o … o … o …

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