A letter to Bill Clinton

by tamarjacobson


Quote of the day:

Tired of bein’ so screwed up, so screwed up, so screwed upAnnie Lennox

Over eight years ago, Bill, you screwed up. Badly. Really badly. And you delivered us into the hands of George W. Bush. I had such hopes and dreams for your presidency. But, you broke my heart and the soul of the nation. You said sorry. Yes indeed. You apologized. And many of us forgave you. I know I did.

But now, you are doing it again.

I am a baby boomer too, Bill. Just like you. And for the longest time I did not understand what it meant to be an adult. Until quite recently, in fact. If I can do it, so can you. Don’t you think it’s time to become an adult, Bill? I mean, think before you speak or act, man. Get out of the way.

I don’t care about Hillary. She made her bed with you a long time ago, made her choices and stood firm by them. That’s all right by me. I trust and respect her judgment and life choices. She is a life sister, no doubt about it, and I wish her well.

But, I have moved on – towards integrity and hope, and am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Am looking forward to a time when the name Clinton becomes part of past history, when we can sigh and shake our heads in fond memory as we tell old stories.

If you want to carry on carrying on, doing and apologizing, doing and apologizing, enjoy yourself, Bill.

But, I am joining Barack Obama and all those people out there, who are getting busy. Right here, right now, the future is upon us, and I intend to grab it
with all I have. There’s a nation and world to heal – lots to

It’s sad for me, a loss, as I bid you farewell. There is always a feeling of loss when we give up a life stage.

For now though, I’d rather go with a guy who admits that he did inhale.