Words, words, words

by tamarjacobson

Talking of the Obama’s words, words, words and no action shtick …

It seems to me that Senator Barack Obama has taken an amazing amount of action. Hasn’t anyone noticed the number of volunteers and people turning out to help, donate, caucus, and vote? The shining eyes, hopeful faces, young and old, women and men, all colors and creeds. That doesn’t happen by itself. Ever since I came to America twenty years ago I have become more and more dismayed by the apathy and cynicism, and ghastly voter turn-out. I have never seen a movement quite like this one. This does not happen by itself. It seems to me that Obama is working pretty hard – over-time, sleeves rolled up, and all the night shifts. He is more than ready on day one. Indeed, day one is long past …

Every sentence Barack Obama states is full of meaning. Substantial, intelligent and well thought out meaning. He does not sound naive or empty to me. Indeed, I do not believe he could speak in this manner without a solid foundation of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. I have heard great speakers in my field: Marian Wright Edelman and Bruce Perry are just two who spring to mind. Their words, ideas and speeches are full of inspiration based on substance, knowledge, and depth. They inspire people to change mind-sets and give us hope and vision for a bigger, larger, deeper picture.

That’s precisely what we need in a President. If Senator Hillary Clinton wants to roll up her sleeves and work the night shift, that is admirable indeed. I suspect that Barack Obama is already doing just that! He doesn’t look like he has had much rest this past year.

I think that I am somewhat of an intelligent and insightful person, with flaws and weaknesses like anyone else. I do not always walk my talk although I try hard to. I don’t believe I’m being taken in by Obama’s rhetoric. For what he says makes absolute sense to me, deep in my guts. Yes indeed, I want a person at the helm who does not fear talking to our enemies, and who is prepared to say things that challenge me to think or change my world view – mind-set. I am so tired of Hillary’s long list of what she can do and all those drawn-out policy plans, hysterically shouting them out to me as if trying to prove her competence.

Right now I want, nay, desperately need to be inspired, filled with hope, and have tears of relief wash down my cheeks as Obama states those dreams and ideals that have been shoved down somewhere dark for years, buried under endless, hopeless, soul destroying evil and fear mongering.

So, all you folk out there questioning whether Obama is a man of substance. Rest assured. He knows what he is talking about. You can check out his ideas here, if that’s what you need.

I, for one, am convinced about "the fierce urgency of now." I urge us all to have the courage to reach out and embrace the moment (um) without fear or cynicism. Rather, with open arms, minds, and hearts.

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