She will not get my vote.

by tamarjacobson


Comparing Barack Obama to Ken Starr is the same as calling him a monster. And yet, no one resigned for saying that. When Hillary Clinton says that Obama is running only on one speech to be Commander in Chief, she not only insults Barack Obama, those words insult me personally, as an Obama supporter. It insults my intelligence. I am hoping that Barack Obama holds firm and does not lower himself to Clinton’s despicable tactics. Yesterday, I heard Bill Clinton talking about what a wonderful President he was regarding US and economics. Well, good for you, Bill. And what does that exactly have to do with Hillary? Is Hillary you or are you Hillary? I have no doubt in my mind Hillary will hand that phone to you at 3:00 a.m., Mr. President. Tsk Tsk. And, I have no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama not only will answer the phone, but will take great care in deciding what’s good for our country. For he is about we and us and you are about "I,I,I…"

I’m standing firm with Senator Barack Obama, and am becoming more convinced that if Hillary gets what she wants by stooping to anything – she is not getting my vote.

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