Obama iced shortbread cookies (Update)

by tamarjacobson


No, oh no. I did NOT bake them. On this easy going Friday morning, after purchasing some telephone batteries and ink cartridges for my printer at Staples in Chestnut Hill, I strolled across the street to the Night Kitchen Bakery.

I thought I’d browse a bit and find some really good multi grain bread for breakfast. There was a sign announcing some Hillary and Obama cookies. Naturally, I bought three Obama cookies. One for Tom, one for Sue and one for me! As I was rummaging in my purse for my wallet the young woman at the counter said, "It’s a landslide for Obama." "What?" I exclaimed excitedly thinking she had heard some news this morning that I had not. "The cookies," she went on, "We’ve had to bake many more trays of cookies for Obama: one tray for Hillary and many for Obama," she said. I beamed. "Oh, how exciting!" I said finding the exact change to purchase the cookies. "Yes," the woman continued, "This morning Ted Kennedy was just down the road at the Trolley Car Diner. We thought it was Obama and we rushed there with a tray of Obama cookies. Ted Kennedy was gracious to accept the cookies in Obama’s name." By now I was gasping for breath with excitement. "Ted Kennedy!" I almost yelled, "Here, at our own Trolley Car Diner? This morning?" The young woman smiled at me. "Oh my goodness, what a day!" I said with a smile extending from my left cheek all the way over to the right side of my face. Obviously delighted with my enthusiasm, she told me that Hillary supporters had been agitated to find that at first the cookies iced with her name had red icing while Obama cookies had been made in blue. "They did not want people thinking that Hillary was a Republican," the young woman told me. "So now, we are making red and blue cookies for both Obama and Hillary." I shook my head from side to side. Pennsylvania is in the thick of it. This election season is electrifying. Everyone is involved.

But for now, I am going to make a cup of coffee to accompany one of those deliciously iced shortbread Obama cookies. YUM!


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This just in – an e-mail message from the owner of Night Kitchen Bakery:

Dear Tamar,
Thanks for the kind words!
This has been the greatest idea we have had yet. People are really excited and engaged when they come into the shop and see the cookies. The Obama cookies are selling 2 to 1 Hillary. We are keeping tally and will post the results at the shop the day before the election …
[Philadelphia] Inquirer is running a story in the food section this week. This election is so exciting!