Wynnewood Whistle Stop

by tamarjacobson

Nelle and Dick came to town this weekend, and early this morning, Nelle and I decided it that it was time to join in Obama’s track for change.


After purchasing buttons and my T-shirt we wandered along onto the station with hundreds of others.


We stood in the glorious sun of a hopeful spring day for a couple of hours. And we made some friends.


Some were as young as could be but managed to wait patiently along with us, chatting and smiling. I was delighted to be able to share one of my beaded bracelets from Kenya with my new young friend, as we waited for Obama’s train to come by.


What a diverse group of people crowded onto Wynnewood station to greet Obama! Some even allowed me to take their picture, knowing that they would be up on my blog. I was grateful for their humor and generosity of spirit.


Yes indeed! Chris Matthews was there. I ran over to him and unashamedly said, "Chris, I have been in America for 20 years and only recently did I discover you. I know this is going to sound a bit like a hippie groupie but … I really love you!" He smiled and gave me a hug replying that he was quite okay with "hippie groupie."


"I will put this picture on my blog," I exclaimed. "That’s fine, " he replied. "Just don’t abuse me."

And then … the train arrived and the crowd went wild …


Bob Casey was there too …


Yes we can!


And as Nelle and I strolled off to our car, we noticed a Borders Bookstore and ducked in quickly to buy a Haggadah for Passover tonight.


What a day! Freedom and Independence, holiday time and Spring. New beginnings.