What’s wrong with the black vote?

by tamarjacobson

It never ceases to amaze me how the media repeatedly says that Obama is only able to acquire the Black vote, as if it is not as important as the White vote. Are they referring to his electability within the Democratic Party or the nation? Do they mean that the white vote counts more than the black vote?

It would be interesting to hear it rephrased as:

Hurray! Senator Barack Obama has achieved 90% of the black vote! What a privilege and how admirable that is!

Instead, everyone constantly analyzes, with much concern, I might add, about how Obama is unable to attain all those gun-toting, beer drinking white bowling folks out there, many of whom declare that they probably wouldn’t vote for a person of brown color anyway.

Personally, I am ecstatic that he is able to obtain such a huge percentage of African American voters. What a celebration! What a great day! Finally, a person who includes everyone in the process – a whole group of people who are no longer disenfranchised.

If ever we doubted that our American nation is racist to its core, just listen to how the media portrays Obama’s success with the African American vote. Or, more to the point, how silent they are about that.