Tamarika’s Op-Ed

by tamarjacobson

It has been hard for me to be a Democrat these past eight years. I have had to watch helplessly while criminals in the White House invaded Iraq, ruined American leadership in the world, destroyed the education system, and divided this country deeper and wider. My Democratic Party sat apathetically by and allowed it to happen. Worse than that, supported the situation with mealy mouthed platitudes and sometimes even voting alongside. I have to say that "hard" is an understatement. Indeed, it has been excruciating.

Last night I watched as Hillary Clinton deepened and widened the racial divide further – apart from that token brown skinned man they had placed in the background during her "victory" speech. While driving to work yesterday I listened to the BBC interviewing various people from West Virginia who were openly and proudly declaring they would "never" vote for a black man. I thought to myself, "Wow! What must people in England and Europe think when they hear this?" If Clinton wants to display pride in winning over a huge majority through bigotry and ignorance – well, good for her!

But what dismays me is that the Democratic Party stands silently by while she does it. Where are all those mealy mouthed Super Delegates? They should rise up in indignation and make a stand. As a woman and a feminist, Hillary Clinton does not represent me. She is divisive, privileged, and power hungry – and right now she is playing the race card in a way that causes me pain – personally, intellectually and physically. Pain in my brain, pain in my heart, pain behind my eyes, pain in my guts, pain in my soul.

I cannot believe that I am actually thinking of withdrawing my Democratic membership and becoming an Independent. How naive and ignorant I feel. How sad I am this morning. White privilege sickens me to the core of my being. And last night as I watched Hillary’s deluded victory sermon, she represented everything I deplore, everything I have stood against since growing up 58 years ago in racist Rhodesia.

People are giving Clinton "her space" out of respect for her. I think of African American people watching and listening in silence while West Virginians declare their racism publicly and Clinton glows and coos to them, thanking them for it. Shame on you, Hillary Clinton.

But, more than that: Shame on you, Democratic Party for standing by in silence. I read somewhere that Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "The silence of good people is worse than bigoted acts." As I stand by helplessly on this dark day, alone and hurting, I cannot be silent. I will not be silent.

Hillary Clinton. It is time for you to go, and, if I was a Super Delegate, I would stand up and say loud and clear today: "no, I, a tax-paying, Democratic dues-paying, woman, feminist, do not want you anywhere near the ticket."