Traveling Obama Mama

by tamarjacobson

Well, I'm on my way. Packed up and ready to travel.

I have my button that JJ made me for my birthday:


It is three years since I was in Israel to see family and friends. If you can't remember so far back, I suggest you read these past posts from my old Tamarika blog:

and also,
So much has changed since I was last there:
  • For one thing, I am closer to being 60. On Saturday my family will be celebrating my 59th birthday with a Saturday brunch.
  • I have reached new heights and depths in my self-exploration, self-understanding, and self-alteration work.
  • These past three years I have suffered some losses, re-established my professional life, and written a book.
  • I have made and lost a couple of new friends, and renewed and strengthened old friendships all around the world.
  • I discovered the land of my forefathers and found some new cousins.

And even my blog has changed, for the last few months it has become the Obama Mama Blog!

And so, dear readers and all those who stop by from time to time, the next time I write here will be from the Middle East, and when I return the election primaries should be over and … well … surely, by now …

you all know who I will be hoping for, eh?