Odds and ends

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day I:

Today it's sunny and a bit sticky but energizing. The sun, that vibrant blue sky, the sea, the casual atmosphere, even the tooting of the cars – it all makes you feel so alive! Fay, describing Israel

Natalie, over at Blaugustine wrote an on-line article for the Guardian about Older Female Geeks
… er … bloggers, that is. And, me oh my, I was privileged and
honored to be included in that category. A geek, that is, in the
context of blogging, naturally! Not to mention the "older" bit.

Quote of the day II:

Senator Obama, for his part, will not be cast as the avenging hero in “The Rescue” any time soon — and not because of the color of his skin or his lack of military experience. He doesn’t seem to want the role. You don’t see him crouching in a duck blind or posing in camouflage duds or engaging in anything more gladiatorial than a game of pick-up basketball. If Mr. Obama’s candidacy seeks to move beyond race, it also moves beyond gender. A 20-minute campaign Web documentary showcased a President Obama who would exude “a real sensitivity” and “empathy” and provide a world safe for the American mother’s son. Mr. Obama is surrounded in the video by pacifist — not security — moms. Susan Faludi from The New York Times today.

Please read the whole opinion piece! I have been thinking, talking and writing about this for months, referring to the issue as my voting for Obama as a vote against Patriarchy. Faludi, of course, says it so much better than I did or am able.

Dick fishing

Oh yes … and … Happy Father's Day!