Hope in the healing

by tamarjacobson


There have been many times in my life when hope has pulled me through. A general kind of feeling of faith that eventually everything will be all right. It usually rises with me early in the morning with the dawn’s gentle light. I awaken and feel hope stirring within even as the birds call out high up in the surrounding trees.

I have strong memories of hope stirring within. It was in early June 2006, when I had the privilege of hearing Obama speak. I remember the excitement and exhilaration as I realized help was on the way. I allowed myself to hope, to dream about a new day for the world. This morning I awoke to news of Barack Obama landing in Afghanistan. Hope soared again. How thrilling. Is this dream starting to materialize before my eyes? Yes, I know. He is our nominee. But now the great work can begin for real. 

Feeling the passion surge within, I walked out into the early morning and found my legs moving briskly through the neighborhood as people stirred around me, gathering newspapers lying in their driveways, or walking out sleepily with dogs pulling at the leash. 

Healing takes time. I know. I started the process within my psyche years ago and only recently am sensing the rewards of my hard work in how I breathe, move, think, and feel. Hope has been a loyal companion. 

And now, what I did not hardly dare to imagine back in June of 2006, is taking place in our country and in the world. Barack Obama is on his way. I wondered out loud, as I walked in the brilliant sunshine this morning, “How proud his mother would be if only she could see what I see!”

Keeping the faith is not easy. There are so many temptations along the way that discourage and alarm me. But, like the constant, tall oak tree that stands solidly outside my window, I have learned to hold still, hold on, and hold firm to hope. 

For, hope is in the healing of self, country and the world.