Weaving life’s web

by tamarjacobson

In the early morning, when the darkness lingers for a few more moments, I wander through the apartment opening blinds and starting the day. First up are treats for Ada, who waits on my desk with bright shiny eyes in anticipation. Hardly able to contain herself she mews and squeaks with delight as I approach my study down the hall way. I hear her call and become excited to see her face. Today, as I pattered about, waking life partner for the new work week and opening the blinds, I felt thankful for these early morning rituals and, especially for little Ada Mae. 

It is the same at work. Arriving in my office, greeting people, switching on the light, computer, listening to the messages on my voice-mail, and reaching for that welcoming cup of coffee to start the work day. I have brought two plants to green up my work office, and they seem to greet me as well. Do I see Ada in every living thing?

Indeed, it is the small things that weave life's web around me and hold me steady and strong.

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