Time for the feast …

by tamarjacobson


Well. It has been fun counting down to Thanksgiving Day. While I wrote only five count-down posts, these past five days had me thinking about everything and everyone I am thankful for. It has been a great exercise. First of all it had me waking up every morning wondering what I would be writing about in my blog. It reminded me of the good old days when I began blogging, and had so much to say that I would be writing at least once, sometimes twice a day. Second, I realized that I have much to be thankful for. There were days when I found it difficult to focus on only one thing or person for my gratitude post. I probably could have spent many more days writing about all that I am thankful for. Third, it made me happy, hopeful, and optimistic. Reflecting on gratitude inevitably brings up really good feelings along with, in some cases, the pain of healing and forgiveness. It makes me feel that, all in all, my life is good. And how strange. Just as I am writing this post, I receive my daily email newsletter from Child Care Information Exchange, and apparently there is research that says gratitude is good for your health. I'll give thanks to that!

Finally, as luck would have it, yesterday as I was putting the finishing touches on chicken soup and chocolate cake in preparation for my son's arrival, he called from Boston airport to say that he had been bumped up to an earlier flight – on first class no less! I threw off the T-shirt full of flour and parsley clippings, donned an old sweat suit and flew off top-speed to the airport. As I was sitting there waiting excitedly to meet Gilad, a young fellow approached me. He just happened to be a cameraman from our local NBC10. When he asked if he could film our "reunion," I said, "Sure!"

So, check out this video clip. The advertisement at the beginning takes a few seconds, and if you wait until the last bit you will see me greeting my son at the Philadelphia airport yesterday. What fun! (Oh, and if the advertisement jams or freezes up on you? Just refresh your screen and all will be well …)

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate, and thanks to all those people, silent or commenting, who stopped by these past six days to share in my gratitude. Happy feasting!